With all the modern influences in our culture, it can be very hard to decide which route to take to reach out to target groups or even the individual. Truly, the “information age” has changed the way business is conducted in every part of society, and especially in the Travel and Hospitality industry. There is so much content available to the average person it can be difficult to navigate through the sea of the interesting, the boring, the hype and the “like.”

For over 40 years, we have been producing content for the Travel and Hospitality industry, meeting the needs of the smaller, independent single-owner operation as well as working for such well-known companies as the Rosen Hotels and Resorts, HBO, Time Warner, Visitel, Hard Rock Live!, and The Weather Channel.

Our creative and forward-thinking production team provides a full array of video and photo production services, from slide-show presentations to 2-3 minute commercials and infomercials, social media-ready content, and training/corporate videos and photos. We are always learning and innovating, and in fact, our team created the first travel-related in-room channel, the Tourist Channel, in Orlando in 1986.

I’m committed to helping you promote your business and activities, sell your products and services, save time and money on training, increase website effectiveness, and be seen by thousands of customers worldwide. We enjoy working with our clients to turn their message into the most modern, innovative, practical, and cost-effective product possible!

Let Me help you to meet and surpass your marketing objectives, build your brand-awareness, and create a positive customer response that fits both your expectations and your budget. We produce “in-house” and believe that a personal, receptive, and positive work ethic provides the best professional relationship.